Hormonal balance

For those who do not have to take drugs or undergo special treatments, and, on medical advice, are directed to taking natural remedies, our products can be of help in delicate moments for men and women. Disorders related to the female period are varied and can be painful or linked to generalized states of tension and anxiety. These disorders are often referred to as "premenstrual syndrome". An important event in a woman's life is menopause. In this phase, the estrogen production in the ovaries is drastically reduced and the typical manifestations are hot flashes, mood swings, disorders related to bones and the cardiovascular system. In both situations (childbearing age and menopause) the disorders that may arise are determined by a hormonal imbalance. Also, men undergo physiological hormonal changes over the course of their life, such as a drop in testosterone levels. Possible consequences include variations in sexual life, greater accumulation of body fat, decrease in strength and muscle volume, alterations of night’s rest, as well as lower self-confidence, concentration, and memory.

The added value of our products
Our natural remedy is available in liquid form. Thanks to the synergy of its plants, it promotes a supporting action, helping to contrast the ailments related to the physiological conditions of the hormonal imbalance of women and men.

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