Season Change

How Seasonal Changes Can Affect Your Body

Spring Is Coming!

The season change brings with it mental stress and physical fatigue. It's very important to strengthen our body with medicinal plants of the herbalist tradition. Gianluca Mech IMMUNE-MECH helps to increase the immune defenses and to raise the body's resistance to stressful situations.

Face the season change in the right way is essential. The correct intake of vitamins and the synergy of the patented active ingredients of GianlucaMech products can help you avoid the ailments that affect everyday life. Gianluca Mech VITAMIN C promotes the efficiency of the immune system, reducing tiredness.

Physical and mental fatigue, sleep disturbances and hunger are the 3 most common symptoms of the season change. Gianluca Mech MAG B-COMPLEX gives a boost of energy thanks to the synergy between B vitamins and magnesium citrate.

Among the allies of the good mood put at risk by the change of season is OMEGA3, a nutrient with enormous benefits including supporting the well-being of the bones and supporting the immune system in this period.

MULTIVITAMIN AND MULTIMINERAL: full of minerals and vitamins with antioxidant action! With each season change, you can have some typical annoyances, such as anxiety, restlessness, mood swings, insomnia. The GianlucaMech multinutrients support the body to combat these disorders.

This year, do not be caught unprepared by the season change, spring is coming... take a boost of energy! MAGNESIUM AND POTASSIUM with Vitamin C -E -D3 is the perfect ally to take the right amount of minerals and vitamins useful in case of tiredness and fatigue.