Elements & micronutrients

There are food supplements useful for many different problems. Some can balance any nutritional deficiencies and regulate metabolic processes.
There are two types of nutritional requirements.
1. Minimum nutritional requirement: this is considered suitable to avoid the appearance of deficiency disorders in healthy people (RDA: recommended daily allowance)
2. Optimal nutritional requirement: Allows the body to function at its maximum capacity, helping to prevent certain pathologies and to slow down the degenerative processes associated with old age (ROI: recommended optimal intake)
Nowadays, it is good to keep in mind that there are various factors that lead to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the foods we generally eat, such as conservation processes or agricultural practices. General situations of lack of particular nutrients may involve physiological situations or incorrect lifestyles (smoking, alcohol, stress, etc.).
The integration with products based on micronutrients, single-components and plant extracts with high dosage is recommended in combination with other treatments or individually, to focus the attention on a single disorder.

The added value of our products
Each supplement of this line is designed for specific nutritional deficiencies and it is possible to create numerous synergies to find the specific remedy for any issue. Accurate dosages, proper blends, and refined raw materials are the characteristics of our excellent products.

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