Brain function

For a renewed balance we propose an innovative and… delicious food supplement!
Memory is the way our brain "learns" from experience, and consists of the ability to acquire and codify stimuli, retain and store information (i.e. keeping a more or less stable and faithful copy of the information for a certain period of time), and finally recall that piece of information. Memory is connected to many other cognitive functions and is influenced by the subject's internal state.
Concentration is the voluntary cognitive ability to focus our attention on objects or actions, which is processed by the mind. Concentration difficulties can occur due to stress, environmental conditions, age and lack of interest. It can also be linked to neurological pathologies or mental disorders, insomnia, anemia, and iron deficiency.

The added value of our products
Thanks to the presence of pantothenic acid and vitamin B6, our food supplement promotes the maintenance of mental performance, while reducing tiredness and fatigue. It is available in the form of a tasty chocolate-coated praline.

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