Sweet snacks

Fed up with almond and coconut keto-flours? Try  and enjoy  the delicious keto- compliant shortcrust cookies by Gianluca Mech! They are very rich in fiber flours and the perfect patented replacement for coconut and almond cookies where coco-nut and almond flours are used as primary ingredients. 

We offer you solutions for a delicious breakfast or any break. Do not think about the usual snacks, ours are delicious and above all suitable for those who want to keep fit.

PLUM CAKE and COATED SNACK: try the plum cakes (vanilla or cocoa) in the morning, drenched in tea or at work, for a satisfying but light break. They are ideal during weight loss protocols, for maintenance or for creating tasty sweets. If your gluttony knows no limits, choose the vanilla-flavoured snack, coated with chocolate: pure lust for your palate. They are all gluten-free and rich in fiber.

WAFER SNACK: If you love the crunchiness and sweetness of this snack, let yourself be overwhelmed by the flavours of vanilla, cocoa or coffee. Ideal to take with you to work, during sports or in leisure moments. They are low in sugar, high in fibre and rich in protein.

DESSERTS: delicious creamy preparations, sugar-free and rich in protein. Excellent after a meal or for a creamy snack!

SPREADABLE CREAM: it will be difficult not to finish it by the spoon, that is why we give you some advice! Savour it spread on top of our rusks, inside our protein crepe or to stuff the baked goods you like most.

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