Keto Pastry by Gianluca Mech: pure pleasure without sin!

Are you on a keto diet? Don't be sad! Enjoy the pleasure of the most sofisticated italian Keto pastry by Gianluca Mech.
You will transform your keto diet with my keto pastry into an unforgottable tasty expericence. I offer you many solutions for snacking or to preapare a delicious sweet breakfast (like we love in Italy!).
Don't think about the usual keto snacks made only with coconut and almond flavour that taste always like coconut and almond (obviously!).
I propose you the real italian shortcrust and sponge cake croissant where coconut and almond can be in traces but not as the main ingredients. Try for example the mini cakes (vanilla or cocoa) in the morning, drenched in tea or at work, for a satisfying but light break. They are ideal during weight loss keto protocols, for maintenance or for creating tasty sweets. If your gluttony knows no limits, choose the vanilla-flavoured snack, coated with chocolate: pure lust for your palate.

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