Keto salty snacks and bakery

A very wide range of tasty savoury keto- foods by Gianluca Mech is avaliable which is very effective and suitable for any keto-diet program.

Bakers products are the torment and delight of those who would like to keep fit!

Don't worry: we thought of you with our wide selection of baked goods and savoury snacks. You can take them as an accompaniment to meals, during a snack, at breakfast or during trips out of town. There are a thousand ways to enjoy them, with the awareness that they will not interfere with your diet.

Baked goods like breadsticks, rusks, crackers, bread with seeds and wholemeal rye flour, are the allies to accompany your breakfast or your preparations with lightness.

Savoury snacks with the flavour of paprika, sesame, rosemary, pizza or roasted soybeans. We recommend them as a snack for those who prefer savoury and Mediterranean flavours!

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