Keto soups: shake & heat, it's ready!

We have also thought of you, who prefer salty flavors.
The formulation of our soups contains a high-quality protein blend infused with a specific and patented herbal mix: the Tisanoreica® Activator.
Tisanoreica® Activator includes: papaya, pineapple, mallow, star anise, fennel, artichoke, dandelion, round-head lespedeza, griffonia, alder buckthorn and another innovative ingredient such as the melon juice, rich in antioxidants, very useful during ketosis.
The proteolitic and purifiying activities of these herbs represent the principal reason why my keto food is so useful during ketogenic diet in order to supply your body with enough amino acids without eating too much proteins. The Tisanoreica® Activator represents a real innovation, tested in more 30 medical publications. That is why I could get a patent for my keto food valid not only in Europe but also in United States and Canada.

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