Ready to cook

We have also thought of you, who prefer salty flavors. Within this section, you can find various solutions for satiating and nutritious meals, low in carbohydrates. Indeed, these are not simple protein preparations: their formulation includes specific components to guarantee an excellent product.
In addition to the presence of the Tisanoreica activator, a patent filed and quality guarantee, inside the formulation we find:
- Protein: calcium caseinate, whey protein, and hydrolyzed collagen. For the three flavors suitable for a vegan diet (mushroom, asparagus, and vegetable soup), we have selected a pool of proteins capable of guaranteeing an amino acid supply similar to that of milk proteins.
- Functional active ingredients: L-Leucine, natural Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry, Avocado. These are the components chosen for you, which together with the protein mix provide a tasty and quality product.

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