Keto Shakes

They are not simple food supplements with proteins. Our drinks have an extra gear!
In addition to the presence of the Tisanoreica® Activator, registered patent and quality guarantee, the formulation contains a high-quality protein blend and other functional components:
The selected proteins are calcium caseinate, whey protein and hydrolyzed collagen. For the two drinks suitable for a vegan diet (coffee flavor and cherry flavor), we have selected a pool of proteins capable of guaranteeing an amino acid supply similar to that of milk proteins.

Functional active ingredients: we have selected quality raw materials for the well-being of your skin and a tonic action. L-Leucine, natural Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry, Avocado: these are the components chosen for you, which, together with the protein mix, provide a tasty and quality product.

Lactase enzyme: ingredient contained in milk protein drinks. Lactose may be present in small traces, so we wanted to guarantee that those who do not digest well this sugar will also be able to take our products.

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