The truth about the extraordinary properties of lemon, fruit of well-being and health

The truth about the extraordinary properties of lemon, fruit of well-being and health
Widely used both in the culinary and in the cosmetic field, lemon is the citrus with an unmistakable fresh and graceful scent, a sparkling harmony that immediately restores the senses giving renewed vitality. The properties of lemon are huge and known since ancient times: Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and Romans skillfully exploited its powers. Not only its juice, but also its peel and leaves represent an important source of the lemon's beneficial properties. Lemon leaves benefits are mainly aromatic, excellent for fighting nervousness and headache; it is also possible to exploit the properties of these leaves as a decoction to calm down stomach bloating. However, most of the vitamins lie in the peel. What are the side effects of lemon? In case of gastric ulcers, it is better not to exceed with the consumption of this citrus, to avoid stomach acid. Is it possible to strengthen the immune system with lemon vitamins? Are benefits of lemon for weight loss really proven? And what about the skin? In this article we reveal all the benefits of lemon, an exceptional citrus fruit for your wellness and health, denying, instead, improper statements. There are also suggestions of products from our catalog to integrate the benefits of lemon on the organism.

Is it possible to boost the immune system with lemon vitamins and its benefits?

Among the benefits of lemon on the organism, the reinforcement of the immune system is often mentioned, leveraging on the high content of vitamin C and flavonoids. It is important to underline that lemon does not strengthen the immune system and therefore it can’t be used to prevent flu by increasing the number of white blood cells, responsible for healing infections and combating bacteria (as it is often erroneously stated).
Another incorrectly counted benefit of lemon is the alkalizing effect; it is incorrect to say that this citrus fruit can affect the blood pH, as no food can change the blood PH, since it is a stable system. To strengthen the body's defense in a natural way, it is possible to resort to food supplements food supplements that can contribute to the normal functions of the immune system.

Are benefits of lemon for weight loss really proven?

Due to the high pectin content, especially in the albedo (white matter under the peel) some benefits of lemon for losing weight are often mentioned; pectin is a polysaccharide, a substance that the human intestine does not assimilate and that turns into gelatinous substance when it enters the digestive process.
Pectin also seems to limit the ingestion of food because it increases the sense of prolonged satiety. However, it can only be assumed that pectin, having a satiating effect, could indirectly influence weight loss; still, these are calories consumed and spent daily. To intervene on weight management naturally, we recommend evaluating the solutions available in our catalog.

Cleaning the intestine with lemon

Does drinking lemon water or lemon juice improve gastrointestinal transit? There are no scientific studies able to demonstrate it, however the intake of pure water in sufficient daily quantities improves gastrointestinal transit. Does lemon block? This fruit, especially its skin, is rich in pectin, therefore lemon, eaten whole, is recommended for both constipation and diarrhea. To fully intervene on intestinal well-being, we recommend the natural remedies from our catalog.

Lemon benefits for skin

Drinking lukewarm water with lemon juice guarantees the organism the ability to assimilate a significant quantity of antioxidants, useful for protecting the skin and preventing aging. The benefits of lemon on the skin are due to the presence of vitamin C, essential for the production of collagen.
Besides preserving the elasticity of the skin and its moisture, this protein molecule helps prevent acne, this is why we talk about the benefits of lemon on oily skin. Sometimes acne and oily skin are problems related to hormonal changes, so it may also be helpful to balance hormones .

The benefits of lemon in the blood: facilitating the assimilation of iron

Like all citrus fruits, lemon is rich in vitamin C, which facilitates the assimilation of iron, a mineral of extreme importance because it acts on the oxygenation of the blood, being linked to hemoglobin. Normally it is the intestine that deals with the regularization of iron absorption, but we can also count on the benefits of lemon in the blood to increase the availability of iron in the organism. For example, it is advisable to squeeze a lemon to season the spinach. To prop up a healthy diet, food supplements that can be used to complete an already balanced diet.

Purification of the organism. Are lemon benefits for liver and urinary tract really proven?

Every day we come into contact with a huge amount of chemicals deriving from pollution and preservatives contained in food; these are some the main causes of a malfunction of the organs of the body. Lemon (lemon juice or water and lemon) is often recommended as natural remedy for purifying the organism against the daily accumulation of these toxins and water retention. These claims have no basis in science and it is important to clarify that, with regard to the purifying action of the liver, although many people talk about the ability of citric acid to stimulate the synthesis of bile (undoubtedly important in the digestion process) the reality is very different. The synthesis of bile occurs in combination with bile acids and cholesterol and, going into the details of biochemistry, in the presence of ascorbic acid (not citric acid, as many articles report online).

Seemingly, drinking lemon water helps to prevent urinary tract infections, thanks to antimicrobial properties: peel of Citrus Sinensis has antibacterial activities. For natural remedies useful for body purification, we recommend the use of the products available in our catalog .

Lemons are therefore real gifts of nature, wonderful fruits that in many cases help us to keep our body in a state of constant well-being.