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“We care deeply for the social and environmental impact of industrial activities: our first commitment to social responsibility is helping people to find their psychological and physical balance by taking care of well-being and lifestyles through the marketing of high-quality products."

Gianluca Mech


In 2011, at the Palace of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bucharest, Gianluca Mech collaborated in the organization of a Christmas party for 400 Romanian orphaned children. The commitment has continued over the years with the aim of offering support to the children of the Bucharest Reception Centres. In Italy, Mech has supported the non-profit organisation SOS Children's Village by participating in a collection for families in difficulty and has supported the non-profit Goccia Association in the completion of the "L'Abbraccio" community. 2014 was the year of an important commitment with the Terre de Hommes Association concerning the sponsorship of 60 children in projects that are active in Lebanon, Namibia, Bangladesh, and Ecuador. In 2016, he delivered a sweet Christmas gift to the children of the pediatric oncology and diabetology departments of the Hospitals of Milan, Monza and Lodi and supported the Diversity Media Awards. In 2017, he flew from Cannes to Madrid to participate in the gala events organized by the actress Eva Longoria for her association in support of Latin Americans. And finally, in 2018, a charity event against bullying took place in Florence, at the Sina Villa Medici Hotel in which Gianluca Mech took part, at the invitation of the evening’s MC, Fabio Canino. The funds raised were allocated to the Associazione ASD Semper Avanti Juventus.


Thanks to the successful combination of his activity as an entrepreneur in the herbal products sector and as scientific popularizer, opinion leader, writer and nutrition expert, Gianluca Mech has, for years, been involved in initiatives and campaigns whose aim is to affirm the right to health and commitment in the fight against obesity. In order to prevent and combat obesity, which is increasingly reaching epidemic proportions (according to the WHO), Gianluca Mech has promoted national campaigns for training, information on and prevention of obesity together with important institutions such as FIMMG [Italian Federation of Family Physicians], Federsanità ANCI, Metis, Assofarm [Association of Community Pharmacies], FIMP [Italian Federation of Primary Care Pediatricians], Fondazione Campagna Amica.


  • 2016: on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, established in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the WHO, Gianluca Mech organized a meeting in the region of Lombardy to raise awareness and inform the public on the prevention and management of diabetes. During the meeting, Prof. Antonio Paoli of the University of Padua presented the study "The Effects of Different High-Protein Low-Carbohydrates Proprietary Foods on Blood Sugar in Healthy Subjects", conducted in collaboration with the research team of Mech Lab, a research laboratory dedicated to the study of ketosis created at the Physiology Centre of the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Padua.
  • 2017: Gianluca Mech, aiming at raising awareness of obesity among adults and children, made the short film "Good Food" in collaboration with the production company Morol, a documentary dedicated to the Mediterranean diet 50 years after the publication of the revolutionary "Seven Countries Study" by Ancel Keys on the value of the Mediterranean diet, with the participation of Justine Mattera, Giorgio Colangeli, and Salvatore Esposito.
  • 2018: Gianluca Mech presented an important new scientific initiative: the conference "The Dietetic Maneuver of Parliament", an initiative that included a debate on the topic of obesity and problems related to what has now become a pervasive plague in Italy and in many countries in the world in all respects.


  • In September 2014, on the occasion of an event to tackle obesity, organized by the Clinton Foundation in Washington - with the collaboration of the famous Italian restaurateur Franco Nuschese, owner of the prestigious restaurant “Café Milano” in Washington, meeting point of the most influential celebrities in the USA - during a reception, Gianluca Mech discussed obesity with Hillary and Bill Clinton. Mech talked with the 42nd President of the United States of America and his wife about the importance of raising awareness in as many people as possible on topics related to the proper way of eating to prevent obesity.The meeting with the Clinton spouses was the beginning of a productive collaboration especially on the front of the fight against childhood obesity, a problem that knows no borders, and that, not by chance, is considered the most worrying and dangerous pandemic in the near future by the World Health Organization.
  • In April 2018, in NY he was welcomed and awarded by the FIAO, Federation of Italian-American Organizations, the Italo-American community in Brooklyn, as the International Businessman of the Year for the introduction of his Italian Diet in the USA. Many important personalities were present, among whom Matilda Cuomo, wife of the ex-governor of New York, founder and honorary president of “Mentoring USA/Italy”, who had a long conversation with Gianluca Mech, intrigued by the first Italian diet imported in the USA.
  • In the same vein, in 2018, during a press conference in NY, together with Ivana Trump, he declaired his commitment to fight the problem of obesity in the United States. “You don’t have to give up flavor to keep fit and healthy”: this is the message they want to convey to all overweight Americans, thanks to a tour through the country. The main topic of the conference were the new data on the growing number of overweight Americans, which has never been higher in the country. In this alarming context, the "Italian Diet" was presented at the conference as a new effective dietary program for those who want to get fit and take care of their health.
  • In February 2019, Mech returned to the United States, more specifically in New Orleans, to begin his tour from the most obese city of America.