Lunch at the coast: what to eat at the beach

Lunch at the coast: what to eat at the beach

Let's say you decide to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. Yet, when the time comes to get ready, you start to stress out.
What is stressing you out?
Well, for example, when and how to apply sunscreen, where to park and, above all, what to eat.
Of course, you could be content with what you can find at the beach bar or restaurant but then you risk compromising your diet.
In fact, if you think about it, why should you wait until you are there and have to buy lunch, when you couldtake your own easy-to-eat food in a small cooler, and still stick to your diet?

Lunch at the coast: the four basic requirements

Now, you have to decide what to take to the beach for lunch.
Remember that regardless of personal taste, the perfect food for a quick meal at the beach must satisfy four basic requirements:

  • It must be light;
  • It must be easy to digest;
  • It must be refreshing;
  • It must satisfy your desire to eat something good.

Are you having a problem thinking of something that meets all these requirements?
Don't worry. Here are some useful tips on what to eat at the beach without carrying too much, but while still looking after your figure and following your normal eating habits.

  1. Leafy green vegetable salads
    What we take to the beach must be easy to transport and store, in addition to meeting the four requirements listed above.
    So,what should we prepare for our seaside lunch?
    Well, the simplest answer is: a salad.
    This is a quick dish to prepare with leafy green vegetables, fennel, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, olives, cheese and a few slices of apple.
    Salads can be prepared in hundreds of different ways, you just have to add the things you like best. The important thing is that it has to be refreshing (hydration at the beach is essential) and light.

  2. Pasta or rice salads
    As long as you don't take excessively large portions, pasta and rice salads are excellent meals to take to the beach, seasoned just the way you like it.
    They are in fact a complete meal, can be prepared well in advance, stored in a large container or in individual jars and carried in a cooler bag.
    Make sure to compliment your salads with a yogurt or herb dressing that you should add just before serving and eating (not earlier, otherwise it will dry out).
    Whatever type of salad you choose - leafy green vegetables, rice or pasta - the most important thing is that it should contain fresh and unprocessed products.
    In doing so, you will enjoy a really healthy lunch!

  3. Fruit salads and smoothies
    Fruit salads are one of the freshest and lightest lunches you can eat at the beach.
    To make one just cut up pieces of your favourite fruit and add a little lemon juice to stop it darkening on the journey.
    One handy tip is to always include pieces of watermelon, which are very refreshing and thirst-quenching.
    Watermelon contains very few calories but is rich in mineral salts.

    If you don't like your fruit in pieces, you can always opt for a smoothie - a real health concentrate rich in vitamins, which combines all the benefits of fruit and vegetables!
    Alternatively, you can always go for the Banana Split flavoured drink during your Tisanoreica® diet program.

  4. Chicken and avocado sandwiches
    The fastest option that most people go for is to prepare a sandwich or a toastie to take to the beach.
    Try to avoid sausages. Chicken goes better with vegetables and avocado.
    White meat is very light and when combined with vegetables and avocado, can be a winning combination for your lunch at the beach.

  5. Fish skewers
    Grilled fish and vegetable skewers could be a great light meal that is both refreshing and tastes good.
    Perfect for eating by the sea, let them marinate a little in a mixture of oil, parsley and garlic before cooking them.

  6. Greek Tzatziki
    If you don't want to be carrying too much weight on your trip to the beach and want a light snack for lunch, this is the perfect solution.
    Dip into Greek tzatziki!
    Slice up the vegetables, fennel, celery, or whatever you prefer of a white or green colour, stir them into the Greek yogurt, add a little garlic, dill or other spices and then, when it's time to eat, dip the vegetables in this refreshing and delicate sauce.
    Very tasty, fresh and light!

  7. Biscuits and dried fruit
    Other healthy, quick snacks that you can take with you to the beach are our coffee flavour biscuits or dried and peeled fruit pieces.
    You can also opt for meal replacement bars. The important thing is that you avoid processed packaged products, which are full of artificial preservatives.

Don't forget Tisanoreica® supplements

Remember that it is important to prepare your body for a few days at the beach with supplements that promote tanning, to be taken before, during or after exposure to the sun, as required.
Choosing and following a method with products suited to your personal needs will help give your complexion a healthy glow, reduce the risk of cellulite, and will achieve a better balance in your bodily functions.