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Gianluca Mech is the sole heir to an ancient herbal tradition that places his family at the very center of the secret art of herbal medicine in Italy. Carrying on this invaluable tradition and learning from the experience of those who, unable to cure disease in any targeted way with specific active ingredients, have tried to "nurture health" by helping people stay in the best possible physical and mental condition, Decottopia® has been passed down from generation to generation through the Bonardo, Balestra and Mech families.

Gianluca Mech entered the family business early, dividing his time between work and his studies; in 1987, barely 18 years old, he took over the reins of the company. Drawing on the teachings of his father Giovanni and grandmother Adelaide, and thanks to the experience gained in the fields of nutrition and phytotherapy, Gianluca Mech has managed to give a fresh, strong impetus to the company, even exporting its products abroad.


In addition to being the president of the company that carries his name, Gianluca Mech is a scientific communicator of the latest discoveries and innovations in the field of nutrition. His main objective is to make all the new knowledge and innovation in the field of nutritional science accessible to the general public, as this information would otherwise remain in the hands of an elite few.


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I want to make sure that people adopt a healthier diet and improve their physical and psychological condition, so that they can feel that they are really living life to the fullest.


  • Improve lifestyle through proper nutrition with healthy and wholesome products, during and after the diet.
  • Promote knowledge of people’s physical and emotional state and instil and reinforce the awareness that "we are what we eat".
  • Discourage unhealthy lifestyles by encouraging people to take good care of themselves with the help of professionals dedicated to health and beauty care.
  • Promote physical beauty by associating it with good health: a crucial combination.
  • Sell high-quality products, backed up by reliable, safe and certified scientific dietary protocols.
  • Offer not only products but also run projects in the real world, offering added value and excellent service.
  • Collaborate with organisations and associations that are working in society to combat the phenomenon of obesity, the rampant scourge of our time.