Why you should avoid restrictive and diy diets

Why you should avoid restrictive and diy diets

There's nothing wrong with paying attention to what you eat and balancing your food choices to keep your body healthy and slim.
But when this behaviour is taken to the extreme and turns into an obsessive inspection of every item of food and drink, then it is no longer a healthy option.
If you have followed, or are following, a restrictive diet to control your weight, you must be aware that there is some risk that it will not work and could actually be very harmful to your body.

What is a restrictive diet?

restrictive (or low-calorie) diet promotes the idea that restricting the number of calories is the most effective way to lose weight. However in reality, this results in only a minimum loss of body fat but a maximum loss of muscle and slows the body's metabolic rate down to a dangerous level.
A restrictive diet will lock you into a vicious circle from which it will be difficult to escape:

  1. Traditional calorie restricted diets: less food and fewer calories;
  2. This leads to a reduction of the lean mass of your body: this is because the body tends to consume less and tries to preserve the body's fat reserves. This results in an increase in tiredness and loss of muscle tone;
  3. It will initiate general, non-localised weight loss: the loss of lean body mass and fat mass together;
  4. The yo-yo effect: after the restrictive diet ends, the body, having suffered a reduction in lean body mass and a slowing down of its metabolism, tends to consume less and converts everything you eat directly into fat mass.

This cycle usually starts all over again when you start a new diet and the repetition of this pattern will lead, over time, to damage your body's muscle mass and your general well-being.

What are the dangers of a restrictive diet?

The dangers of following a restrictive diet and being trapped in this vicious circle are not just about putting weight back on quickly but also about the damage caused by the absence of certain foods:

  • A general feeling of weakness, hunger and fatigue: not eating the right number of calories your body needs can have a negative effect. A restrictive diet has negative effects on metabolism, levels of hunger, energy, mood, sleep and hormonal and reproductive health. Drastic and fast weight changes can cause tissue loss in our vital organs and result in feelings of apathy, general malaise and physical and mental weakness;
  • Negative influences on hormonal health and metabolism: the dangers of a restrictive diet include sleep disorders, infertility, acne, increased body fat, reduced strength and even depression;
  • Increased stress levels, feelings of guilt and anxiety: people who follow a restrictive diet often feel guilt, shame or anxiety about the food choices they have made. This behaviour is an alarm bell for the possible onset of eating disorders;
  • It's a waste of time and inefficient: believing that a restrictive diet is effective is dangerous. Just keep an open mind and be flexible because there are balanced diets that include the right amount of calories your body needs, getting you back to fitness in a healthy way.

Why choose the Tisanoreica® Method?

The Tisanoreica® Method is a protocol for weight reduction based on the activation of a metabolic reaction known as ketosis.
The ketogenic diet reduces the amount of carbohydrates consumed and forces the body to produce the glucose it needs autonomously,increasing the consumption of fats from the adipose tissue.
The Tisanoreica® Diet differs from the classic ketogenic diet because it enhances and controls the use of ketone bodies through the use of medicinal herbs. It can, in fact, be classified as a phyto-ketogenic diet.
By following this protocol, you will nourish your body completely with the help of these powerful medicinal herbs.
The Tisanoreica® Method works like this:

  1. It almost completely eliminates sugars and limits the amount of fat consumed;
  2. It supplies the body with pure protein that protects muscle mass, so it doesn't lead to a decrease in the body's basic metabolic rate.

Therefore, this diet stays within the definition of a normoproteic diet, which maintains muscle mass without overloading the kidneys or liver.
The Tisanoreica® protocol is a genuine lifestyle choice that will help you get back into shape and stay in shape.
It lasts from a minimum of 20 days to a maximum of 42 and, once completed, you can carry on following certain food regimens to maintain the weight achieved.