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Research Laboratory

The Mech Lab is the first and only dedicated ketosis research laboratory in Italy, set up in the Physiology Department of the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Padua, which has as its specialized research topic the "Physiological effects of nutrition and exercise with particular reference to ketogenic diets and the metabolic state known as ketosis".

The main goal of the modern, cutting-edge research laboratory "Mech Lab" is to analyze, study and promote knowledge of the physiological process known as ketosis and its correlation with health, metabolism and physical exercise.

After it has been scrutinized by the scientific community through its publication in prestigious international scientific journals, the research carried out at the Mech Lab is reported to the Gianluca Mech SpA Research Centre, which then passes this information on to those working in the industry.

The work done in the Mech Lab leads to the development of innovative products by Gianluca Mech SpA, which are then patented and marketed, thereby ensuring that they can be used to help as many patients as possible. In turn, the Mech Lab collaborates with the Gianluca Mech SpA Study Center so that the publications can be made public.

Lastly, the Mech Lab cooperates with various other institutions and associations from many countries throughout the world that have an interest in pursuing research in this specific scientific field, in collaboration with the University of Padua.