Low blood sugar diet: snacks and sweet breaks Gianluca Mech®

Low blood sugar diet: snacks and sweet breaks Gianluca Mech®

Snacks and sweet breaks Gianluca Mech® for low blood sugar diet

For those watching their figure, as well as for those who have to manage their blood sugar levels with particular care and a targeted diet, Gianluca Mech® snacks and sweet breaks represent an essential food proposal.
The added value of these delights is due to the variety and taste: they are products dedicated to those who love to take care of themselves with a balanced diet, without sacrificing goodness. Taking care of your diet does not only mean choosing to follow a dietary protocol aimed at reaching the ideal weight. Taking care of your body also depends more and more often on special dietary needs and for this reason we believe that dedicating a complete line to sweet pleasures is essential. Nobody should give up a sweet treat!

Gianluca Mech® sweet breaks and snacks: why choose them for a low blood sugar diet

Let's see why Gianluca Mech® snacks and sweet breaks represent the ideal solution for those who crave sweetness, but must pay attention to the sugar content: lots of goodness, but with zero guilt.

To begin with, the sweet food proposal Gianluca Mech® offers products that turn out to be excellent snacks even for those who are not on a diet but pay close attention to their physical shape. The choice includes classic desserts and some of the most popular and loved delights of recent years, such as muffins: if you need to lose some weight, these classic desserts are unfortunately not ideal, but our solution is a valid alternative. Gianluca Mech® sweet pleasures are also suitable for those who have alterations in sugar metabolism or for people who are attentive to the increase in blood sugar, as well as for those who follow the Tisanoreica® food protocol.

The ideal moments to enjoy these extraordinary sweet snacks are breakfast, mid-morning break and afternoon break. They are “on the go” product (just to mention again the muffins, for example, they are single-portions); the pralines, on the other hand, are a great treat for after dinner. They can be integrated in a healthy diet for low blood sugar.


Characteristics and nutritional values: ideal products for a low blood sugar diet

Gianluca Mech® sweet snacks and breaks have a low sugar content and are a source of protein; some of these products also contain the Tisanoreica® Activator, a mix of 7 plants.
Most of our sweet snacks and breaks are among the products covered by the Tisanoreica® food protocol (for example, 1 croissant = 1 PAT, meaning a Food Portion); in the same way, those who follow a diet that requires particular attention to sugar intake will find in the sweet delights Gianluca Mech® the way to satisfy a whim without excessive glycemic intake: these products represent the union between well-being and goodness.
As part of the Tisanoreica® food protocol, these products can be used both in the intensive phase and in the stabilization phase.
In particular, the products with the Glycemic Friendly® label foster a sense of satiety and have a prebiotic action, thus helping the digestive process. Not only that: they contain resistant starch; the replacement of digestible starches with resistant starch, in a meal, contributes to the reduction of post-prandial blood glucose increase. Last but not least, some products are gluten-free.


What are the snacks and sweet breaks of the Gianluca Mech® food proposal suitable for a low blood sugar diet?

During the day there are many opportunities to pamper yourself with our sweets, starting with breakfast, continuing with the mid-morning break. How to give up the after-meal dessert at lunchtime? For some people, even the afternoon break is sweet and finally it is time to sit down at the table for dinner. How could you possibly resist ending the day with a sweet treat? Let's see, therefore, what includes the proposal of sweet delicacies Gianluca Mech®, with which you can delight the palate every day:


Glycemic Friendly® products: an innovation for your low blood sugar diet

The growing interest in a healthy diet (which does not, however, give up the taste and small pleasures of the day), as well as the increasingly widespread special dietary needs, have led us to study and propose a line of cutting-edge ideas for our products. This is the Glycemic Friendly® label, a registered trademark that identifies a precise range of Gianluca Mech® items with a revolutionary formulation, characteristic for our products, represented by resistant starch.

The importance of resistant starch

Starch is a carbohydrate composed of different glucose molecules. One of its fractions, resistant starch, is particularly useful for the needs of people who are attentive to sugar intake; the resistant starch, when ingested, passes through the small intestine and reaches the large intestine without being digested, in a percentage equal to 10%.
This means that resistant starch, as an indigestible food substance, can selectively promote the development and activity of one or more bacterial groups already present in the intestine and useful to humans.

The usefulness of resistant starch in glycemic control

Within one's diet, replacing digestible starches with resistant starch in a meal means helping to reduce the increase in post-prandial blood glucose. In other words, the values relating to the presence of glucose in the blood (about two hours after the end of a meal) can be kept under control thanks to the intake of foods containing resistant starch. This occurs only if it refers to a food in which the digestible starch has been replaced with resistant starch, in order to result in a final content of resistant starch equal to 14% or higher of the total starch. This is why Glycemic Friendly® products are great foods to help hypoglycemia.

Glycemic Friendly® products: are they for me?

In the Gianluca Mech® proposal there are several Glycemic Friendly® products, that is, containing resistant starch in a percentage related to the parameters described above. These foods to help hypoglycemia are specially designed to meet the needs of people:

  • overweight
  • who pay particular attention to their weight
  • looking for a low glycemic index diet
  • who follow the diet protocol (even in the ketogenic phase)
  • who wish to lose weight
  • who want a meal or snack that combines well-being and taste

In addition, other benefits that can be attributed to resistant starch concern the digestive process and intestinal regularity, as well as inducing a sense of satiety.
Our commitment is to think of good products, managing to satisfy everyone's tastes and, above all, respecting certain dietary needs, mainly related to the line and control of glycemic levels. Explore our catalog and choose the sweets that best suit your dietary needs, dedicated to all moments of the day.