Ketogenic diet and sport: Tisanoreica products

Ketogenic diet and sport: Tisanoreica products

Ketogenic diet and sport: Tisanoreica products


Despite the concerns about the possible harmful effects of low carbohydrate diets on sports performance, the Tisanoreica protocol guarantees tranquillity from this point of view as well as a correct intake of proteins and the action of medicinal herbs, with numerous benefits for the body. With Tisanoreica, ketogenic diet and sport are possible.

In this article we present the different Tisanoreica products that an athlete can use to supplement the diet, with a focus on taste and variety.


Ketogenic diet and sport: the advantages of Tisanoreica


The Tisanoreica protocol, a phyto-ketogenic diet, has, among the various advantages, that of being a normoproteic diet; this means that the body is nourished completely with regards to proteins, despite the natural phase of imbalance that every diet involves. Tisanoreica products (drinks, omelettes, sweet and savory snacks, etc.) contain a protein blend that makes them ideal not only for those who follow the actual protocol, but also for those who are strictly interested in the integrative aspect of proteins.

Sports enthusiasts will find in the Tisanoreica bars an extraordinary option for their needs of optimal nutritional intake; our catalog also includes various preparations for drinks, which are gluten-free, inclusive of Tisanoreica activator and based on whey proteins that make them very digestible and assimilable. Finally, for a full of energy, our proposal offers food supplements, useful both in case of sporting activity and mental fatigue.

For this reason, thanks to the Tisanoreica proposal, ketogenic diet and sport can coexist in perfect balance.


Ketogenic diet and sport: Tisanoreica bars with high protein content


Tisanoreica recommends T-Smart bars as a delicious snack or food supplement for athletes. They are excellent for covering the protein needs not only of those who practice sports with a certain frequency and intensity, but also for those looking for a tasty and nutritious snack, as these bars are rich in fiber and protein and above all low in sugar.

They can be considered a valid support for a balanced diet, but also an immediate protein supplement after exercise. The advantage of the format of a bar is in fact the practicality: they are pocket-sized, single-portion and can be stored; it is an excellent solution for the gym, but also for the office. Speaking of ketogenic diet and sport, the Tisanoreica bars have an interesting aspect for those who practice physical activity with the intent of losing weight, that is, they increase the sense of satiety. Discover the T-Smart offer in our catalog, the ideal bars to restore energy reserves and keep fit.


Drinks preparations: variety and taste of the Tisanoreica supplements


Those who care about well-being and practice sports for a healthy life will find the most balanced and tasty solution in our Tisanoreica drink mixes.

These are drinks that can be consumed at any time of the day, following the recommended daily dose of one sachet per day.

These preparations not only help keep the body hydrated, but will allow you to gradually reach a sense of satiety and to vary your daily diet thanks to the vast choice of flavors available, including: cocoa, cappuccino, stracciatella, peach and mango, blueberry, banana, milk and meringue, bitter chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and pear, toffee, chocolate-peanut, chocolate-almond, coffee (vegan), cherry (vegan).

Choose from our catalog dedicated to Tisanoreica drinks the combination you love most to vary your ketogenic diet combined with sports and more!


Phyto-ketogenic diet Tisanoreica and sport: the right energy


Those looking for optimal energy support (to be taken during and after physical activity), a tonic designed to counteract physical and mental fatigue (thanks to the presence of Ginseng and Guarana) or metabolic support (thanks to Hogweed) will find in the product line dedicated to Energy a valid proposal of supplements, including Vigor-Mech and Energy-Mech.

Even the Tisanoreica chocolate food supplements are designed for numerous needs: tasty bonbons that exploit the goodness of this aroma to give you greedy moments of pleasure; the advice is to take one per day, a dose that provides the claimed physiological effect. The COCOA PLUS line, thanks to its active ingredients, covers numerous needs (skin, energy, well-being of the mind).


Explore our catalog dedicated to Tisanoreica supplements, drinks and bars and discover all our vast offer of ketogenic diet and sport products!