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READY IN: 35 minutes


  • Keto rotini Gianluca Mech 3,5 Oz
  • 2 egg yolks (1,4 Oz)
  • Grated Pecorino romano DOP cheese 1,4 Oz
  • Diced guanciale or streaky bacon 2,8 Oz


1. Put the pasta into plenty of water to boil with some salt (not too much because the cheese is salty), cook it following package instructions. Let it rest on the heat for 3
minutes. If you prefer a softer version, cook for 15/18 minutes and leave it aside for 3
more minutes.

2. Sauté the diced guanciale in a pan until it becomes crispy, keep the melted fat aside.

3. Seasoning: mix the cheese with the egg yolks and guanciale melted fat in a large bowl
until the cream is created.

4. Pour the pasta into the large bowl and mix with a spoon until the cheese melts and is smooth and creamy. Add the crispy guanciale or streaky bacon and serve. Sprinkle
some extra grated pecorino cheese for added flavor.