How to get rid of water retention due to lack of physical activity

How to get rid of water retention due to lack of physical activity

How to get rid of water retention due to lack of physical activity



Water retention is the tendency of body fluids to accumulate in the interstitial space (or extracellular space) of certain areas of the body, meaning abdomen, legs and glutes. Typically, it is manifested by swelling of the aforementioned areas, general tiredness and, often, cellulite.

Sometimes fluid retention is due to a malfunctioning of the venous system, in other cases the cause is hormonal, or due to an incorrect lifestyle, accompanied by an unbalanced diet. Other causes of water retention are related to kidney problems, liver disease, cardiovascular system dysfunctions, hypothyroidism and even to the intake of certain medication.

How to fight fluid retention naturally? In this article we are going to analyze the aggravating factors of an inappropriate lifestyle. You will find some tips to eliminate water retention by intervening with small daily measures, beyond suggestions of natural products for fluid retention.

In periods of reduced physical activity, the predisposition to fluid retention could worsen, due to the lack of movement that contributes to slowing down different activities of the body, among which also the metabolic activity; in the following we are going to explore some methods to reduce this risk, related to excessively sedentary lifestyle.



Remedies for water retention and cellulite: reduce salt


Salt is the most important source of sodium, but also a great ally of water retention, if consumed in excess. Regularly maintaining an incorrect diet, with an excessive intake of food rich in salt, favors fluid retention.

The excess of salt (or rather, sodium chloride) intervenes with different mechanisms, among them, the accumulation of interstitial liquids, that can cause edema.

That is why it is advisable to use table salt sparingly to flavor, favoring the use of substitutes such as gomasio (sesame toasted in the pan and sea salt). Another tip is to avoid cold cuts, chips and other similar snacks.

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Remedies for water retention: give preference to foods rich in potassium


There are substances that favor water retention such as sodium and others that, on the other hand, do the opposite. This is the case of foods rich in potassium, capable of intervening in the regulation of the liquids contained in the body and favoring the elimination of the excess fluid. That is why it is advisable to consume fruit and vegetables rich in potassium, which also provide water. Instead of snacks, rich in salt, it is preferable to opt for fruits such as bananas, kiwi and avocados; among the dried fruits, nuts, almonds and pine nuts are recommended to control hunger attacks.

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What to drink for fluid retention


How to fight fluid retention naturally? The best way to get rid of water retention is to drink at least 1.5 liters of water each day; this must be done in each season and, in the warmer periods, the amount should be increased to balance the loss of liquids due to more intense sweating: water is essential for transporting different substances in the body. To help the organism in the drainage action, it is possible to intervene with the assumption of appropriate beverages, such as Erbo Ritual Diur Infusion or natural products for the drainage of liquids.





Get rid of water retention in the other critical areas: taking care of the venous system


Since the excess of permeability of the blood vessels is a cause or contributing factor of swelling for water retention, it is advisable to take care of the venous system.

Swelling is related to the decrease in the venous return and is considered an alteration of the subcutaneous tissue: therefore, if this tissue is abundant, the swelling can worsen more easily.

To prevent or stop the occurrence of this problem, it is advisable to use natural products to improve circulation.

In combination, it is recommended to do a minimum of physical activity to contribute to weight loss and fat mass.

The most recommended physical activity is the long-term aerobic, therefore the ideal thing to do at home would be the stationary bike or the treadmill, which simulate walking and cycling.

In all types of aerobic exercise it is important to maintain a low intensity; this can be verified during the exercise: if you don’t get short of breath, it means that the intensity (speed) is adequate for the level of training. With aerobic exercise you get the benefit of consuming energy which comes from the fat stored. To take care of the venous system, after each activity it is important to stretch and do breathing exercises with your legs lift, to help venous return.

In addition, it is important to maintain a correct posture for each activity carried out during the day: crossing your legs or sitting in incorrect positions carries the risk, over time, of creating problems in the circulatory system of the lower extremities, with the consequence of fluid retention.


When water retention is due to an incorrect lifestyle and bad eating habits, it is possible to intervene with daily commitment and thanks to the help of natural products. Explore our catalog to select the most suitable for you!