How to fight insomnia with natural remedies

 How to fight insomnia with natural remedies

How to fight insomnia with natural remedies

Insomnia, on an occasional or persistent basis, can negatively affect both mental and physical well-being. Whether we consider the single episode of a sleepless night, characterized by continuous awakenings and attempts at sleep, or recurring situations, insomnia is a condition that affects everyday life and the activities that each of us is used to carry out. The functions of the body and, above all, of the nervous system are also affected by the quality of sleep; concept activities, study or in any case of high cognitive load, as well as physical activities and even social interactions are much more difficult in situations of inadequate rest: this also manifests itself with alterations of inner serenity.

In aid of these situations, our catalog offers several products with the aim of contrasting anxiety and insomnia: these are natural remedies for insomnia based on extracts, mainly of plants, with a relaxing action.

 How to fight insomnia with natural methods? In this article we recommend some products directly from our Tisanoreica® catalog, natural supplements for insomnia different depending on the frequency and intensity of the disorder.

Fight generalized anxiety states: remedies for insomnia from anxious state

Tranquilance Relax, our solution for those suffering from generalized anxious insomnia, is a product with a retard formula that makes it possible, through single administration, to cover it throughout the day. This allows people suffering from insomnia caused by generalized anxiety states to be perfectly predisposed to a possible subsequent administration of the product for insomnia, making it even more effective. The product is available in tablets, that should be taken once a day before breakfast.
Being a natural remedy for anxiety and insomnia, Tranquilance Relax has a natural extracts base: among these extracts, Bluenesse (essence of Melissa officinalis), as demonstrated by in vitro studies, already acts 1 hour after taking and the effect is still perceptible after 3 hours. In addition to the calming action, the beneficial effects of this extract also support cognitive performance.

Another extract present in Tranquilance Relax is Peptidyss (marine peptide), with effects comparable to those of anxiolytics or stimulation of attention and relaxation. The excipient is completed with Griffonia, Magnolia and Scutellaria, also with a relaxing action. It is a natural, gluten and lactose free remedy for insomnia.

How to fight insomnia with natural remedies: when the problem recurs

You can also rely on the Tisanoreica® broad range of products to fight recurrent states of insomnia: Tranquilance Notte Plus is a liquid supplement (that should be taken in sublingual drops which favor the start of sleep phase) particularly suitable for those suffering from chronic insomnia. It’s just the way of oral dosing that allows to dilate the effect and guarantees the total absorption of the functional active ingredients.
It is a natural remedy for anxiety and insomnia based on Bluenesse (the extract of Melissa officinalis), in combination with Peptidyss, marine peptide, capable of promoting a state of relaxation and a feeling of well-being. Other natural extracts contained in Tranquilance Notte Plus are those of Griffonia, Valeriana and Giuggiolo, relaxing plants.

It is a natural, gluten-free and lactose-free product for recurrent insomnia, that should be taken preferably before bedtime, for a quantity of 25 drops; it is recommended to keep the product under the tongue for a few seconds before swallowing. It is sold in a case also containing the practical dropper pipette to be screwed onto the bottle, which must be shaken before use.

Natural remedies for sleep: difficulty in falling asleep and jet lag

Those who do not suffer from chronic insomnia but still find it difficult to sleep, can find in the natural supplement Tranquilance Night Hemp the ideal remedy; it is a natural remedy to facilitate sleep and is also suitable for those who travel and find themselves dealing with jet lag problems. It is a product in liquid form dosed in spray, to be taken orally. This supplement contains a patented Whitania Somnifera extract; it is an adaptogen plant, which has the particularity of being able to increase the body's ability to adapt to stressful situations, intervening in the regulation of metabolic functions. The action is completed with the addition of Melatonin, a natural substance that helps control the sleep-wake cycle.

A further valid aid to facilitate sleep is the Relax Apple-Melissa Infusion from the Erbo Ritual line, a blend of herbs for insomnia, sweet and fruity, with calming properties.

Natural solutions to sleep: the best supplement for insomnia

Often the difficulties in falling asleep are linked to the mood, for this reason the natural remedy for anxiety and insomnia in the form of a food supplement cannot be missing from the Tisanoreica® catalog. Cocoa Plus Relax combines pure innovation with delicacy: these are delicious cocoa-based pralines, with the addition of active ingredients that positively influence the mood: Saffron, L-Theanine (able to increase the intensity of the alpha brain waves) and Vitamin B6 (which promotes the proper functioning of the nervous system). The advice is to take one praline a day.

Tisanoreica® products are all effective natural remedies against insomnia, designed to restore, through natural extracts, the physical and mental functions weakened due to anxiety states of different nature. Taken in the correct doses and methods, they allow you to restore the balance of sleep and inner well-being.