How to control weight in menopause

How to control weight in menopause

How to control weight in menopause with food supplements containing ingredients of natural origin


During the menopausal stage, many women find themselves gaining weight. In these cases, it is always good to monitor the situation, especially to prevent the risk of obesity of various metabolic disorders (high cholesterol or increased triglycerides, for example) or a greater overall risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In this article, we will provide various information on how to control weight in menopause with food supplements with ingredients of natural origin, specifically designed to help promote metabolic stimulation and lipid metabolism (bitter orange) and to maintain a flat stomach.

We also offer you an example of a diet, designed specifically for those who would like to understand how to control weight in menopause, which is characterized by the various products functional to our Tisanoreica Gianluca Mech® food protocol.


How to control weight in menopause 5 tips


To restore your weight and thus be able to lose weight in menopause, the best advice is to contact a dietician or nutritionist who can, according to each need, suggest the ideal solution. In this article, we would like to introduce you to some products from our Tisanoreica Gianluca Mech® catalog that may be useful for helping to control weight.

So let's summarize our advice, 3as well as the fundamental one about leading a healthy lifestyle.


How to control weight in menopause 5 tips:


  • Contact a dietician or nutritionist
  • Opt for supplements that serve as an aid to promote metabolism
  • Choose products with ingredients of natural origin for the stomach and hips
  • Consider a Tisanoreica Gianluca Mech® protocol, a diet that helps to understand how to eat in menopause to control weight


you can deepen the last 3 tips just mentioned in the next paragraphs of this article; finally, here is the fifth option that we propose


  • Consider two supplements with ingredients of natural origin, specific for the period of menopause, namely Slim Menopause 500 ml and Menopause tablets:


Slim Menopause 500 ml is a food supplement based on medicinal plant extracts particularly suitable for weight control during the delicate period of menopause; it is gluten-free and suitable for those who follow a vegan diet. The synergy of plants contained in this food supplement includes hops, sage, rhodiola, spirulina, serenoa, lespedeza, horsetail, eleutherococcus, muira puama, bearberry, pilosella.



Menopause tablets have been studied to counteract menopausal disorders; also this product with ingredients of natural origin is gluten-free and Vegan OK. We recommend that you consult your doctor to evaluate their use and duration of intake (it is important to keep in mind that these tablets are not suitable for those prone to liver dysfunction or disease).


Before proceeding with the intake of the products, we remind you that it is necessary to contact CST® or your doctor for confirmation.


How to boost your metabolism to control weight in menopause


The key to good health for postmenopausal women is finding ways to improve metabolism. In this phase, women go through an important change that involves a variation in the level of hormones; this hormonal change can affect a woman's daily life, resulting in annoying hot flashes, mood swings and even slower metabolism. From the Tisanoreica Gianluca Mech® research, some supplements have been developed with ingredients of natural origin that allow us to help all those women who are trying to understand how to boost metabolism to control weight in menopause. Below we present 3 products from our catalog, particularly useful from this point of view, in addition to a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. For confirmation or concerning the intake of these products, it is necessary to contact the CST® or your doctor.


Dekosilhue is particularly suitable for contributing to the metabolism of carbohydrates thanks to cinnamon (to be combined with diets for the balance of body weight), also ideal in the climacteric period.


Metabolic Plus tablets combines the synergy based on an exclusive MECHBODYBURN blend (consisting of cinnamon, magnolia, centella and juniper), promotes metabolic support and carbohydrate metabolism thanks to the bitter orange and the balance of body weight thanks to coleus, and is indicated for the period of menopause.


Slim Kalor-Mech contains medicinal plants that make its composition unique, such as gymnema which promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids and the control of the sense of hunger, and psyllium which promotes the modulation / limitation of nutrient absorption. It is particularly suitable for all women who need help during menopause.


How to control belly and hips in menopause


It is no secret that exercise and physical activity can help mitigate the physical changes due to the period of menopause, however, the great significant contribution is due to proper nutrition. This, clearly, is the necessary and essential starting point to then go and intervene in a targeted way on more specific needs, such as belly and hips. So, how to control stomach and hips in menopause with the help of Tisanoreica Gianluca Mech® products? We want to offer you two supplements with ingredients of natural origin particularly suitable, which combined with a healthy lifestyle and a healthy and balanced diet help to keep a flat stomach and hips; below we present them to you by talking about the main features and benefits they can bring. As already mentioned, we remind you that before proceeding with the intake of these products it is necessary to consult the CST® or your doctor.


Adipat Plus, designed for all women who maintain a balanced life even in menopause, by practicing regular physical activity and following a balanced diet. This is in fact the starting point for promoting targeted control of the belly and hips through the help of specially designed food supplements.


Slim Kal Flat Stomach: this is another targeted aid, ideal to be taken even during menopause; it is able to act on several fronts, eliminating intestinal gas thanks to ginger. It also contains wakame seaweed which contributes to the balance of body weight and papaya which promotes digestive function.


How to eat in menopause to control weight


This diet-guide will help you discover how, through low-calorie meals, your body can regain its balance in the period of menopause. It is a food plan that involves the use of Tisanoreica Gianluca Mech® products, which are also very useful to be used as complementary ingredients to the usual preparations. Our goal is to provide you with simple advice on how many food choices can help us every day to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle; you will find several ideas to combine with your favorite foods, as well as snacks to consume when a slight sense of hunger surprises you during the day. We remind you that Tisanoreica® continues to add new, increasingly delicious alternatives to its proposal, perfect for those who want to follow a balanced diet. Finally, we remind you to pay particular attention to hydration of the body, with an adequate intake of water throughout the day. How to eat in menopause to control weight, then? Let's find out right away in this exemplary protocol-guide. For a personalized plan (regarding the quantities it is important to point out that they are indicative) and for a confirmation, it is necessary to contact the CST® or your doctor.


MENOPAUSE PROTOCOL Tisanoreica Gianluca Mech® - to be followed for one month




For the most important meal of the day we recommend coffee or tea, or barley, or alternatively 200 ml vegetable drink (soy, spelt, oats, rice), in combination with 4 minifette, or with 2 Tisanoreica® shortbread biscuits or 1 Tisanoreica plum-cake ®, or 1 Tisanoreica® croissant; or alternatively we suggest 100 g of Greek yogurt with 20 g of dried fruit and 20 g of dark chocolate.




For a mid-morning break, our indication for those looking for valid advice on how to eat in menopause to lose weight is to consume a seasonal fruit or a Tisanoreica® drink (such as, for example, our coffee drink, cocoa or cappuccino).




At lunch, you can opt for pasta or rice (70 g, preferably wholemeal) or other unrefined cereals such as spelt, kamut, barley. In addition we suggest cooked or raw vegetables, based on tolerance and 2 slices of Tisanoreica® bread.




For the afternoon break, our advice is to opt for a seasonal fruit or a Tisanoreica® drink (with coffee, cocoa or cappuccino).




Finally, for dinner, you have the opportunity to opt for a dish of your choice between:


  • 100 g of meat deprived of visible fat
  • 120 g of fish cleaned and net of waste, or 100 g of seitan, tofu or tempeh
  • 80 g of sliced (once a week)
  • 80 g of cheese (fresh or aged of your choice, maximum once a week)
  • 2 eggs (up to 4 eggs per week) or pizza with vegetables (once a week)


In addition, it is always possible to consume unlimited mixed vegetables and 2 slices of Tisanoreica® bread. For the dressing, we suggest using lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of olive oil.


For those who follow this specific protocol, the advice is to provide the following integration:


  • SLIM MENOPAUSE 50 ml diluted in 1.5 liters of water to drink during the day
  • MENOPAUSE 1 capsule in the morning (BM line only)
  • NUTRIDERM 1 capsule to be taken before breakfast


For any doubts or suggestions to change the protocol, it is always possible to consult an authorized Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech center.


We remind you that food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.