Weight Management

Discover our food supplements that can help you with your weight control diet. To act in a targeted way, we have created specific products for every need.
The increase in the consumption of so-called "junk" foods, the need for fast meals, very often unbalanced from a nutritional point of view, increasingly sedentary work activities and the laziness shared by the most Western population, have led to an increase of overweight people.
In addition to incorrect nutrition, the hormonal structure, lack of sleep, water retention and slowing of the metabolism, which can be physiological, due to particular problems or to an incorrect lifestyle, also contribute to the development of overweight. The need to lose weight, if someone can be related to the aesthetic, in the most serious cases is necessary to avoid more important problems.

The added value of our products
Thanks to the mixtures of medicinal plants, patented extracts and active ingredients, our food supplements for weight control can help during slimming diets or weight maintenance protocols. The association of our products with a healthy diet and regular physical activity is fundamental to obtain maximum benefits. The products are available in liquid form, tablets and sachets, and promote various functions including that of facilitating carbohydrate and fat metabolism, the metabolic stimulus, the control of the sense of hunger, the drainage of body fluids and the modulated absorption of nutrients.

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