Respiratory system

Discover the exclusive and complete line of food supplements that promote the natural defenses of the organism, the well-being of the respiratory tract and the defense against the typical winter ailments.
Before the arrival of the cold season, it is advisable to increase the use of food with antioxidant properties and to supplement the diet with herbal products for natural defenses, in anticipation of a possible attack by pathogens. If these measures are not enough, at the first symptoms (chills, stuffy nose, joint pain, general malaise) mild remedies can be used to reduce their intensity, duration and improve well-being.
A category of medicinal plants beneficial for our defenses is that of adaptogenic plants. These are able to modify the biological "medium" and the homeostatic response mechanisms of the organism towards non-specific stimuli, in order to improve its responses and psychophysical performance, contrasting the onset of diseases.

The added value of our products
Our products to improve the body's defenses and to counteract the classic cold-related disorders include a synergy of patented active ingredients and medicinal plants of herbalist tradition.  There are remedies with adaptogenic, balsamic and fluidifying properties.

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