Irritable bowel

In this section, you will find our food supplements for the well-being of your intestine.
The intestine represents the digestive tract responsible for the enzymatic digestion of the ingested material, the absorption of nutrient molecules, vitamins, ions and water as well as the compacting of the indigestible material in preparation for its elimination. Intestinal function can be compromised by many factors such as stress, gastrointestinal tract infections, improper diet and incorrect use of drugs. The main problem resulting from intestinal imbalance is constipation. This disorder can occur momentarily or periodically, but if no corrective action is taken, it can become chronic. Constipation is often related to dysbiosis, i.e. the alteration in the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora.
A complete action to promote intestinal well-being can be obtained, in addition to more specific remedies, also by intervening on the digestion and body detoxification processes.

The added value of our products
Our range of food supplements with a regulating action on the intestine includes formulations both in liquid form and in tablets. These products promote a more delicate action, aiming at balancing the physiological functions, or a faster action, depending on the needs. The natural principles used in these products facilitate intestinal transit by stimulating peristalsis or through a mechanical action, thanks to the contained mucilage.

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