High Cholesterol

For those who do not need specific drugs but, on the advice of their doctor, direct their attention towards food supplements, we offer a plant-based product useful for keeping levels of cholesterol in the blood under control.
Cholesterol performs important functions: it regulates the fluidity of cell membranes, is a precursor in the synthesis of hormones and vitamin D and is a component of bile salts. Much of the necessary cholesterol is produced by our body, while a small part is introduced with our diet. Hypercholesterolemia can have a hereditary onset or it can be caused by an incorrect or sedentary lifestyle and a poorly balanced diet rich in saturated fats.
Cholesterol can be HDL or LDL. HDLs have the function of removing cholesterol from tissues, which is why they are called "good cholesterol". LDLs, on the other hand, enables the transport of cholesterol to the tissues and are defined as "bad cholesterol" because they tend to accumulate in the cells of the internal wall of the arterial vessels. The resulting thickening causes the narrowing of the artery, generating the phenomenon known as atherosclerosis, with consequent cardiovascular complications.
So how do I lower "bad cholesterol"? It is important to keep this value under control, also using the help of natural products that can promote liver cleansing.

The added value of our products
Cholesterin contributes to the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels thanks to fermented red rice, useful for subjects with moderate hypercholesterolemia or in predisposed subjects.

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