Heart & circulation

For light legs, discover our food supplements with medicinal plants, useful for promoting blood circulation.
The blood vessels that run through our body have the important task of distributing oxygen and nutrients to the various tissues and removing carbon dioxide and waste from them. In addition to this, the circulatory system enables the remote exchange of various messages, creating a connection between the various districts. The proper functioning of this system, therefore, determines a better balance and general well-being. Circulatory dysfunctions are constantly increasing in industrialized countries, often due to work activities that force people into static positions. Hereditary factors and age also play an important role. These disorders are due to a difficult return of venous blood to the heart and lower limbs are the most affected.
The most frequent disorders are leg heaviness, swollen and sore legs, calf cramps, tingling sensations, itchy legs, edema, visible capillaries, and veins.
As soon as these signs appear, it is important to act by correcting your lifestyle, strengthening the venous walls and giving relief to these disorders, also with the support of natural remedies for better circulation.

The added value of our products
Our products fight the common symptoms related to this type of disorder, promoting the normal functionality of the microcirculation. Food supplements, available in liquid form or in tablets, contain a synergy of medicinal plants that also promote the drainage of body fluids and has an antioxidant action.

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