Fatigue & Drowsiness

For renewed energy and revitalizing action, discover our line of dietary supplements. A feeling of generalized fatigue, which can affect both the mind and the body and makes the individual feel a lack of energy, strength, and vitality. This condition can be transitory in nature or extended over time. The main consequences are difficulty in attention and concentration, moderate headache, tiredness, and early fatigue. The causes of fatigue can be pathological in nature, or they can be traced back to other factors, such stress, demanding and intense activities (school, work), deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, irregular lifestyle (irregular or late-night meals, lack of sleep), seasonal changes, menopause. The remedies for tiredness include rest, in particular the improvement of the quality and quantity of sleep, a healthy and balanced diet, the intake of a good amount of water and the limitation of alcohol and smoking.

The added value of our products
Our energy and vigor supplement is available in liquid form. Thanks to its active ingredients, it contributes to the reduction of tiredness and physical and mental fatigue, as well as to the normal energy metabolism; it also promotes a tonic and metabolic support action.

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