Discover our natural products to counteract the annoying imperfections of cellulite.
Cellulite, clinically known as Edematous Fibrosclerotic Panniculopathy, is a real pathology. Its onset is closely linked to the production of estrogen, typically female hormones that increase after menarche (first menstruation). Cellulite comes with a slowdown of the lymphatic system and consequent stagnation of fluids: in this situation, the blood vessels of microcirculation are no longer able to ensure adequate functionality.
At the epidermal level, the skin takes the "orange peel” look, accompanied by pain to the touch due to inflammatory phenomena caused by the stagnation of liquids.
Cellulite has a strictly hormonal origin, and for this reason its onset could get worse when taking hormonal contraceptives and by the physiological hormonal pattern. Other factors that contribute to the development of this pathology are poor circulation, sedentary lifestyle, incorrect postures, tight clothing, standing activities and unbalanced diet.

The added value of our products
To be effective, products against cellulite must therefore carry out various actions, targeted on circulation problems, the drainage of excess fluids, detoxification, reduction of fat deposits as well as on skin tone and firming up. A balanced diet and a proper water intake represent the basic ingredients when taking specific supplements for the fight against cellulite and water retention.
A complete action takes place with an in&out treatment: our cellulite line includes food supplements in liquid form, in tablets and in sachets, in addition to the specific cream for a local action.

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