Gluten-free and low-sugar diet: the Tisanoreica phyto-ketogenic solution

Gluten-free and low-sugar diet: the Tisanoreica phyto-ketogenic solution

Gluten-free and low-sugar diet: the Tisanoreica® phyto-ketogenic solution


The Tisanoreica® phyto-ketogenic diet, which is mainly indicated for weight reduction, is also an excellent regimen also for celiac and type 2 diabetes patients who want to lose weight or keeping fit, following the appropriate adaptations (and always under the control of your doctor).

We have already discussed how the Tisanoreica® phyto-ketogenic diet allows to reduce the caloric intake without feeling the sense of hunger thanks to the intervention of the ketone bodies; in this article we will discover various Tisanoreica® products ideal for a gluten-free and low-sugar diet. The Tisanoreica® program provides, in fact, not only the intake of decottopyric extracts (free of alcohol, sugars, gluten and lactose), but also of Tisanoreica® Food Dishes (the so-called PAT), compatible with a gluten-free diet and low sugar intake.


PAT, ideal for a gluten-free and low-sugar diet


Tisanoreica® Food Dishes are perfect for those who follow a rigorous diet and therefore face sacrifices from the point of view of taste and variety. Our PATs also meet this aspect, authentically imitating the flavors of classic dishes (those that can be consumed daily and without restrictions by those who do not follow any specific diet).

The Tisanoreica® Dishes are “easy to use”: they consist of preparations, ideal for making quick meals, also suitable for meals away from home, and more elaborate recipes for special occasions.

What are Tisanoreica® gluten-free Food Dishes made of?

PATs are essentially made up of 19 g of proteins integrated by the Tisanoreica® Activator (phytoextracts researched to be mixed with the preparations without these being altered in taste). The activator consists of a mix of 10 plants, which act according to the following properties:


  • Promote proteolytic activity and increase the availability of nutrients;
  • Stimulate digestive and hepatic secretions and improve intestinal peristalsis.


For this reason, PATs are ideal for a gluten-free and low-sugar diet, from which only subjects with serious pathologies or dysfunctions in the liver and kidneys, pregnant women, insulin-dependent diabetics and heart patients are excluded.


A gluten-free, low-sugar diet that is easy to prepare


Preparing Tisanoreica® Food Dishes is very easy: simply insert the quantity of water indicated on the packaging of each preparation in a shaker and add the contents of the package (that is the actual preparation). After closing the shaker, it is necessary to shake it vigorously to obtain a homogeneous and lump-free compound.

Depending on the type of preparation, it may be necessary to heat the dish, cool it or use it for the preparation of other recipes.

Tisanoreica® products include different solutions for breakfast or tasty snacks, both sweet and savory, snacks and bars with low sugar content and high fiber content: many of these products are also gluten-free and therefore ideal for all celiac people, who are looking for a tasty proposal suitable for their diet.


Gluten-free snacks Tisanoreica®, for breakfast and away from home


Our sweet selection dedicated to a tasty snack or a gluten-free breakfast, include the whole line of plum cakes and snacks covered with chocolate. In addition to being rich in fiber, these products are all gluten-free. All our plum cakes, in particular, are suitable for starting the day with energy and sweetness. Soft and delicious, the plum cakes are synonymous with lightness and simplicity: an inevitable classic in the pantry. An equally tasty alternative are gluten-free snacks, covered with chocolate; they are perfect for eating away from home.


Tisanoreica® gluten-free pasta: the Italian taste of all time


The excellence of Italian cuisine cannot be missing in the Tisanoreica® proposal, that's why our catalog also includes gluten-free pasta, offering those who follow a gluten free diet a varied and healthy menu. These are fusilli and rigatoni, pasta-like food preparations based on gluten-free wheat fiber, without sugars and low in saturated fat. The ideal solution for more substantial meals but always in line with a healthy diet.


Tisanoreica® gluten-free bread mix


Just like pasta, all the goodness of bread does not have to be a privilege for the few; for this reason Tisanoreica® has thought of a bakery food preparation like gluten-free bread, high in protein and source of fiber. The bread made with this preparation is a real supply of gradual release energy, essential for those who follow a healthy and active lifestyle. The Tisanoreica® gluten-free bread is a combination of taste, health and lightness: it is a natural bread and above all ideal also for celiac people.


Tisanoreica® soups, the taste of tradition


Good, genuine and with a traditional taste, Tisanoreica® gluten-free soups are preparations which must be diluted in water; they guarantee the right intake of proteins and fibers that contribute to making a complete meal in association with other foods. The extreme ease of preparation makes these gluten-free ready soups an extraordinary ally for those who follow a specific dietary program and also for those who want to consume a healthy product, ready in a few minutes. After completing the dissolution of the preparation in about 200 ml of water, simply heat the soup over low heat for 1 minute.


Gluten-free bars


Among our bars, the T-Smart Più Gusto are the ideal solution for all people with celiac disease who are looking for a tasty break and at the same time keep in shape: they are available in different flavors (white and pistachio chocolate, dark chocolate and hazelnut, dark chocolate and berries, dark chocolate and coconut) and guarantee the right amount of protein for a break-hungry snack. The T-Smart Più Gusto gluten-free protein bars are perfect to carry with you during the day, for tasty and energizing breaks.


PAT drinks, more than just gluten-free supplements


The PATs of the New Tisanoreica® Formula come in an extraordinary variety of flavors, all gluten-free and therefore ideal for those who, despite the celiac disease, are looking for greater variety in their diet. These are tasty gluten-free drinks, supplemented with proteins and Tisanoreica® Activator, a mix of plants that acts beneficially on several levels, as already detailed previously in this article.

The proteins selected for these gluten-free supplements are calcium caseinate, whey proteins and hydrolyzed collagen, plus a selection of pumpkin and pea proteins able to guarantee an amino acid supply comparable to that of milk proteins for the whole line of vegan gluten free drinks.


The variety of Tisanoreica® products has made our catalog more and more a resource for all people with celiac disease or for people intolerant to gluten, looking for quality and taste for any time of the day. This is the result of years of experience, continuous studies and research, which allow to widen the possibility of choice for anyone who follows a strict diet.