Desserts with little sugar Tisanoreica Gianluca Mech

Desserts with little sugar Tisanoreica Gianluca Mech

Desserts with little sugar Tisanoreica Gianluca Mech


When we talk about sweets with little sugar Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech we can refer to two types: the on-the-go products, perfect as a snack or breakfast and very practical to always carry with you, or to all the delicious sweet delights that can be made combining the use of some Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech products with additional ingredients, suggested to complete each recipe.

In this article, you will discover that it is not necessary to give up the taste to prepare homemade desserts with little sugar. You will know a sweet world, where lightness and taste meet, for the happiness of those who love to keep fit or who need to follow a specific food plan.


Il Dolce Perfetto, the dessert recipes with little sugar by Tisanoreica Gianluca Mech


Low sugar chocolate desserts


Resisting chocolate is almost impossible, which is why among the Gianluca Mech recipes we have included desserts that have this food as the main ingredient, derived from the seeds of the cocoa tree. Even if lightness and low sugar content are your priority, we want to share with you recipes that will allow you to treat yourself to chocolate desserts, in a light version.

The worries due to the accumulation of extra centimeters on the waist, to the extra pounds, or the level of sugar and fat consumed, will not be a problem: there are several chocolate and cocoa dessert recipes with little sugar, ideal both for those who are diet for those who love to eat healthy without depriving themselves of goodness. Let's see together some recipes for chocolate sweets and cakes with little sugar, which you can make by following our advice.


Zeppola with cocoa


The zeppole represent the typical dessert of St. Joseph, therefore perfect for Father's Day, but they are also a delicious dessert ideal as a dessert after dinner or as a snack throughout the year. In this light version you can give in to the goodness of chocolate without guilt: our donuts are sweet with little sugar for those who follow a diet and for those who love a healthy diet without sacrificing taste. You can learn more about the recipe of Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech cocoa zeppola to discover all the ingredients necessary for its preparation, including our bread mix.



Chocolate tart

Here we are at a real challenge, reworking this cake, as loved as it is feared for the limitations of the diet, in a low-sugar cake version. The taste is absolutely the authentic one of the classic tart, the preparation is very simple and requires the use of our bread mix.

Here is the recipe for the Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech chocolate tart, with all the ingredients and the necessary steps to prepare it.



Chocolate meringue


Crumbly and perfect to accompany a drink, but also to be consumed naturally, meringues in their chocolate variant are very delicious sweets. Our recipe involves the preparation of these desserts with little sugar by using our spreadable cream. Discover the complete recipe of Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech chocolate meringues, with all the necessary additional ingredients!


The Sofficissima with cocoa


A soft and light cocoa cake, ideal to eat for breakfast or as a snack. For those who want to indulge in an extra treat from time to time, it is also perfect as a cake base with a little sugar instead of a sponge cake. The main ingredient is our bread mix; to discover all the other ingredients of the super-soft Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech cocoa cake, read the complete recipe!


Fruit desserts with little sugar and low-sugar fruit cakes


Fruit is a great ally for those who do not want to jeopardize their strict diet, but also for those who want to eat healthily by providing their body with a rich range of nutrients. In this paragraph, we will see how it is possible to combine fruit with some of our products and other healthy ingredients to prepare light desserts and low-sugar breakfast cake or as an after-meal dessert.


Strawberry pie


A fresh, delicious and light cake, to be made with our bread mix: a dessert with little sugar for breakfast or a quick light snack that won't make you give up on goodness. Discover the complete recipe of the Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech strawberry tart, a delicious cake with little sugar.


Mango dessert


A spoon dessert with little sugar enriched with fragrant and delicious ingredients, which give a texture as inviting as it is light. The key ingredient to prepare the Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech mango dessert is our peach-mango mix: discover the complete recipe of all the ingredients for this light after-dinner dessert.


Banana split 2.0


The secret to a light banana split is in the choice of ingredients which, in combination with the banana split flavored preparation, can make it a low-calorie dessert suitable for those who want to keep fit and for those who follow a diet. Learn more about the Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech banana split recipe to discover all the fundamental ingredients.


Berries crumble


Perfect to serve as a convenient single portion in small glasses or small plates, this light after-dinner dessert and snack is a tasty preparation that can be made with two specific Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech products (the shortbread biscuits available in different flavours and the baked product like bread with low glycemic index cereals) in combination with raspberries and mixed berries. Learn more about the complete recipe to find out how to prepare the berry crumble.


Homemade desserts with little sugar: Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech diet biscuits


How to make cookies healthier and lighter? With the aim of not giving up on these delicious sweets even when you want to keep fit, we have thought of sweet recipes with a little sugar dedicated to biscuits. In this way, your breakfast or your breaks during the day will continue to be tasty!



Chocolate chip cookies


Our light version of chocolate chip cookies can be made with the use of food preparation for bread. By selecting the ingredients to complete and following the recipe step by step, you can ensure a light and tasty result.

Here is the complete recipe for Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech chocolate chip cookies.


Hazelnut biscuits


Finally, among the proposed recipes we include the hazelnut shortbread biscuits, biscuits with a low glycemic index, ideal for breakfast or a sweet break. These cookies contain a lower amount of carbohydrates that affect blood sugar, compared to a classic recipe. Read the complete recipe to discover all the steps and ingredients necessary for the preparation.


Snacks and sweet snacks with little sugar on-the-go


Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech low sugar desserts ready for use and therefore ideal as a snack or breakfast to always carry with you are suitable for all those people who want to keep fit. They are perfect to help you in your daily goals, both healthy and those related to maintaining physical fitness.

In this paragraph, we will see in detail the main characteristics of these light sweets.


Plum cake


Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech plumcakes are particularly soft and individually packaged to allow you to always have them with you in a practical way: at work, after physical activity or at any time of the day. They are also ideal for a tasty start to the day, such as low-sugar breakfast cakes. They are available in cocoa and vanilla-lemon flavors, both with Tisanoreica® activator.


Covered snack


To make your breakfast or snack special, among the sweet products with little sugar Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech we have included the softness of the vanilla-flavored snack covered with fine chocolate. This delicious preparation is ideal for any time of day, to be consumed even outside the home thanks to the practical single-portion format. You can enjoy it as a snack or for breakfast, accompanied by a drink. It is gluten-free, low in sugar and contains the Tisanoreica® Activator.


Vegan and gluten-free spreadable cream


A teaspoon of spreadable cream can give you delicious moments of pause, or the right boost to start the day. The Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech spreadable cream with cocoa and hazelnuts comes from the combination of the best, high-quality ingredients; an extraordinary recipe that makes it irresistible and perfect for those who want to indulge in pleasant moments of sweetness while staying fit: it contains few sugars, is gluten-free and suitable for those who follow a vegan diet. It also contains the Tisanoreica® Activator.


Tisanoreica® Croissant


For some, it is not a real breakfast without the classic croissant! Here in our on-the-go proposal, you cannot miss this simple dessert with a little sugar: the Tisanoreica® Croissant is perfect for breakfast away from home or to enjoy all the softness of a sweet pastry in the relaxation of your own home. Tisanoreica® croissants are low-sugar breakfast sweets or low-sugar, high-protein snacks.


Explore the catalog dedicated to Tisanoreica® Gianluca Mech sweet snacks and desserts with little sugar to discover all the products available and experiment with the deliciously sweet recipes to delight not only your palate but also that of your guests!