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Decottopia® is a five century old method, secret of my family, for extracting and storing active substances of at least ten different plants in liquid form without the use of alcohol, sugar or preservatives. Decottopia® means in fact "ten herbs therapy" and it is considered part of the western traditional medicine which could survive to the advent of conventional medicine thanks to the genius of my great grandfather, Marcello Balestra.

Differently from syrups and mother tinctures, they don't contain any alcohol, any sugar and any preservative, that's why when my father passed away because of obesity I had the intuition to use my family herbal tradition: di Decottopia® method, to get an healthy ketogenic process.

I committed and sponsored many independent medical researches to the University of Padua and now my company has the biggest number of medical publications in the world about the use of its products (foods and supplements) to promote and healthy and easy to follow ketogenic diet.

My Decottopia® supplements can be used to promote an healthy ketogenic process. Thanks to their wide range of properties, Decottopia® supplements are also beneficial even when not following a specific diet protocol for many other health specific proposal.

Decottopia®: ancient supplements for modern purpose

Decottopia® means ”the ten herb therapy” beacuse Decottopia® supplements contain at least ten different herbs whose active ingredients have been extracted by infusion, maceration and decoction, depending on the part of the plant we are using.

They can be considered genuine dietary supplements and, in some respects, as belonging to the "specialties foods" of Italian traditional cuisine, so much so that some people use them not only for their healthy properties but for pure enjoyment, savoring the flavors and aromas of the herbs from which they are made.

Attention: We do not recommend the use of the products during pregnancy, breastfeeding and for children under 3 years of age. The products should not be considered substitutes for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.