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We utilize an ancient method for extracting and storing active ingredients of at least ten different plants in liquid form without the use of alcohol, sugar, preservatives or gluten.

Decottopirics are food supplements that improve nutrition, maximise a person's general well-being and improve the body's physiological functions.

They can be used during the Gianluca Mech® Diet protocol and, because of their wide range of properties, they are also beneficial even when not following a dietetic protocol.

They can be consumed undiluted or diluted with water to hydrate and detoxify the body.

A detox program that tastes great

Our DECOTTOPIA® products incorporate ”the ten-herb method”: at least ten different herbs are used whose active ingredients have been extracted by infusion, maceration and decoction.

The extracts are absolutely natural and extremely effective during the three stages of the diet, although they can be taken at any time to improve our general well-being and bodily functions.

They can be considered genuine food supplements and, in some respects, as belonging to the "specialties foods" of Italian traditional cuisine, so much so that some people use them not only for their healthy properties but for pure enjoyment, savoring the flavors and aromas of the herbs from which they are made.

Decottopia® products before and during the diet

Decottopia® products are an essential part of the Gianluca Mech® Diet.

Simply losing weight is not enough for obtaining that feeling of well-being that we all desire; we also have to detox for optimum fitness. The Decottopia® products, as used in  the stages of the Gianluca Mech® Diet, are extremely pure and totally natural not only in their formulation, but also in how they are processed and preserved. With no added preservatives, alcohol, sugar or gluten, the Decottopia® range of products is ideal for various categories of people such as diabetics, children over 5 years old, those suffering from celiac disease and the elderly.

How to use decottopiric extracts

Decottopirics  can be taken hot or cold, diluted in water or as concentrates, depending on the type of extract.

Depending on the product, decottopiric extracts are taken at different times, so some will be taken after meals, others before going to sleep and others in the middle of the day.
It is not advisable to take decottopiric extracts that have the opposite effect at the same time (for example, a tonic and a relaxant).

Decottopiric products are very safe and can be taken over prolonged periods of time. For more individually tailored guidance, contact the Gianluca Mech® Study Center.

Attention: We do not recommend the use of the products during pregnancy, breastfeeding and for children under 3 years of age. The products should not be considered substitutes for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.