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Il Dolce perfetto -
Croissant Millefoglie


Ingredients for 4 people:

  • Tisanoreica Croissant 4 pieces
  • Butter 10 gr

Italian chantilly:

  • Natural whipped cream 200 gr
  • Whole milk 125 ml
  • Egg yolk 25 gr
  • Erythritol 40 gr
  • Guar gum 2 gr
  • Dark chocolate with sweetener 20 gr

1. Cut the Tisanoreica croissant into 4 layers.

2. In a pan melt the 10 grams of butter and brown the sheets of the Tisanoreica croissants. To put aside.

3. Italian chantilly: heat the milk. Separately, in a bowl, mix the guar gum with the erythritol, the egg yolk, and drizzle the hot milk. Put back on the fire and let it thicken but do not boil. Add the chocolate and let it cool. Then mix with the whipped cream.

4. On the plate alternate layers of the crispy Tisanoreica croissant with layers of the Italian chantilly with chocolate.