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Il Dolce perfetto -
Crêpes with cocoa

Crêpes with cocoa and Ciocomech cream For 4 people


  • Tisanoreica Keto Crêpe preparation neutral flavour 4 sachets
  • Bitter cocoa powder 20 gr
  • Water 360 gr
  • Tisanoreica Ciocomech cream 2 jars


1. In a shaker or container mix the cocoa with the preparation for Tisanoreica crêpes, then add the water and finish mixing.

2. Grease an 18cm diameter pan with very little butter or oil and cook the crêpes (8 must come, each will weigh about 60 gr).

3. On each Tisanoreica crêpes spread about 25 g of Tisanoreica chocolate spreadable cream (a generous spoonful) and roll up tightly.

4. Sprinkle the Tisanoreica crêpes with unsweetened cocoa powder.