How to lose fat mass

How to lose fat mass

Losing weight is a major concern for those who want to get in shape, but instead of being concerned only about how long it will take to lose weight, there are other things that have to be taken into consideration.

Let's clarify an important point.
If the energy intake from food and drink exceeds the energy expenditure, through physical activity for example, we will inevitably gain weight.
Finding the right diet and the balance our body needs, through exercise, is essential.
Often we tend to go on
 low-calorie diets or worse, excessively restrictive diets associated with very intense activity to lose weight quickly.
Following such a diet, 
you will definitely lose weight, not just by losing fat mass but also through a loss of muscle tissue and fluid.
To eliminate just fat mass, nutrition and physical activity must be balanced in an optimal way.
Let us pause for a moment and reflect on the differences between a low-calorie diet and a ketogenic diet.

The differences between a low-calorie diet and a ketogenic diet

Which diet should you choose in order to lose fat mass? There are differences between them that have to be evaluated when choosing the correct diet for you:

  • Low-calorie diet: this is based on a diet that has an intake of calories and energy lower than that required by the body. We must consume food in balanced quantities, eating carbohydrates every other day, and lots of meat and fish with legumes and vegetables

  • Ketogenic diet: this is based on a diet that eliminates carbohydrates, thought to be responsible for the accumulation of fat, and gives preference to lipids and proteins, which balance our insulin levels. On this kind of diet we eat mainly meat and fish, with oil as the only seasoning, and lots of vegetables.

Be aware that on a low-calorie diet you will need to be more patient, since you will only see results after the first few months, while on a ketogenic diet you will see clear results after the first few days.
Furthermore, it must be emphasised that 
the ketogenic diet has additional advantages for those who have too much fat mass, which is so harmful to your health.

Tips for losing fat mass

If you are trying to improve your general health, or simply lose fat mass, in addition to diet and exercise, you should follow these other tips:
Get more sleep: go to bed earlier or set the alarm for a little later. This can help increase the amount of body fat you burn and prevent weight gain. Remember that lack of sleep can contribute to changes in your hormonal balance and can increase your appetite;
Don't worry about eating fatty foods: increasing your fat intake can help prevent weight gain, especially in the ketogenic diet in which fats are a source of energy;
Drink at least one litre of water a day, as it helps to control hunger, or consume drinks with milk proteins such as Tisanoreica® Banana Split.
Losing fat mass is certainly tricky and you'll need to have a lot of patience to balance nutrition, exercise and make other small adjustments, but it will give you a more satisfying result in the end.