How to rid your body of excess toxins

How to rid your body of excess toxins

These days our bodies are exposed to a huge gamut of toxins and are continually being invaded by a wide range of unnatural substances which we often ingest with food, such as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.
Obviously, air and water pollution also play their part.
If we are aiming to follow a healthy lifestyle, then we must try to take corrective measures and improve our habits.
Here is a list of recommendations to help reduce the level of toxins absorbed by the body.
For the best results, we need to follow these nine recommendations on a regular basis.

  1. Include vegetables, herbs and algae in your diet
    Vegetables, especially leafy green ones, purify the blood, making it easier for the body to rid itself of toxins.
    By including them in your diet you will reduce the number of seasonal illnesses that you catch as a result of the toxins accumulating in your body, such as flu.
    You can use vegetables, herbs and algae in fruit smoothies, put them in salads or make blended juices from them.

  2. Drink warm water with lemon
    This is a very effective way of giving your digestive system a break and helping the body rid itself of harmful substances.
    Drink a glass of warm water and lemon first thing every morning and you'll soon feel the benefit.
    Remember to hydrate and flush out your body by drinking enough water to rid you of toxins - at least two litres a day - but adding lemon will be beneficial at any time.

  3. Prepare and drink blended fresh fruit juices
    Eating only fresh and organic fruit and vegetables is essential and blending them into a juice will help your body assimilate them quickly.
    Celery, cucumber, beet, carrot, lettuce, ginger and lemon are all excellent for neutralising acidity in the body, increasing the levels of nutrients and ridding your body of undesirable toxin

  4. Eliminate toxic oils from your diet
    You should cut out vegetable oils
     such as peanut oil, corn seed oil and sunflower oil that, when heated, emit high concentrations of chemicals known as aldehydes.
    Replace them with extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and linseed oil.

  5. Eat more legumes and less meat
    Fibre helps digestion
    , promotes the proper functioning of the intestine and regulates the level of sugars in the blood.
    This is why it is important to increase the amount of legumes you eat (which are also a great source of protein) and reduce the amount of meat in your diet. To learn more about this topic, we suggest you read the article on remedies for constipation.

  6. Try the Tisanoreica® Diet
    The latest version of the Tisanoreica® diet has the same procedures as before, but a whole series of new products has been added.
    They have more protein, less sugar and are totally gluten-free, so they are also suitable for those suffering from celiac disease.
    Their draining power helps to eliminate toxins and works like a detox diet.
    They are also very good for the health of the skin and the metabolism of fat.
    Try the Detox Kit for deep purification.
    The Tisanoreica® diet is a philosophy of life, based on an ancient tradition of herbal medicines, which is itself based on the method known as Decottopia®.
    Decottopia® is a curative and dietetic method developed by combining ten plants with purifying, balancing, energising, slimming or anti-cellulite properties.

  7. Get regular exercise
    Getting regular exercise can also help detoxify your body through sweating.
    Fifteen minutes of physical activity every day that is hard enough to make you sweat is enough to expel toxins through the pores of the skin.
    Take care of your skin and remove dead cells that can clog pores.

  8. Make sure you get the right amount of sleep
    Sleeping regenerates the body. 
    Without the right amount of good, quality sleep the body cannot recharge its batteries and will not function at an optimal level.
    Try to get between seven and nine hours a night in a dark and quiet environment.

  9. Breathe deeply, walk, smile
    Look on the bright side of life every day
    . Anything that helps to reduce worry will also reduce the level of toxins caused by stress.
    We should be aware of the consequences of our daily life choices.
    Consuming food, drink, supplements, and safe, natural and nutritious products, as well as purifying, hydrating and detoxifying the body, will result in an optimum chemical balance.
    It is much easier to prevent toxins entering the body and keep your body healthy than to try to clean up the damage when it has already been done.