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The Centro Studi Tisanoreica was set up by Gianluca Mech, the creator of the Tisanoreica project. It was set up to research into and develop the technical-scientific aspects of the Tisanoreica diet program, to promote and publicise its programs and to provide specific customer services.

The Centro Studi Tisanoreica, in Asigliano Veneto (VI), Via Rodolfo Mech, does not provide any Gianluca Mech SpA commercial or marketing services, but rather offers a free scientific and consultation service to qualified retailers and end users, supporting them in their pursuit of health and fitness.



Suitability for the Tisanoreica Diet

Given that the Tisanoreica Diet is freely available, it is best to obtain medical advice before embarking on this weight reduction procedure. The doctor will only prescribe the diet after you have completed a "self-certification" application that includes the required examinations, as specified at the bottom of the document.

The self-certification form is all that is required to request medical advice for the Basic Protocol (20 days). To request medical advice for the Intermediate Protocol (30 days) or Impact Protocol (40 days), in addition to providing your medical history, blood tests are also required.

The information included in the self-certification document is also used to design a maintenance diet regime to be followed after the Tisanoreica diet.

The added value of the Centro Studi Tisanoreica.

If a patient's condition is not compatible with the Tisanoreica diet program, an alternative weight reduction diet will be recommended.

This is a completely free service guaranteed by the Centro Studi Tisanoreica through Gianluca Mech SpA, a company that intends to maintain an honest, straightforward and transparent relationship with its customers. Its aim, above all, is to make people feel physically and psychologically well, whether the Tisanoreica Diet is suitable for them or not.


The Centro Studi Tisanoreica organises training courses at various levels on Gianluca Mech's different protocols and projects, for those requiring scientific training, such as osteopaths, dietitians, nutritionists, distributors of Gianluca Mech SpA products, and for those working in the INTisanoreica centres, beauty salons, herbalists, pharmacies, health food stores and fitness centres.


The Centro Studi Tisanoreica carries out technical, scientific and medical research on the Decottopia and the Tisanoreica diet programs, in collaboration with recognised national and international research institutes.

It is responsible for publishing the results of the research carried out and making it available to both the general public and to those working in the industry, liaising regularly with the Mech Lab at the University of Padua.

Consultancy work

Assistance and advice on the Tisanoreica diet program is available for the INTisanoreica centres, approved retailers and end users.


It analyses, evaluates and verifies the quality standards of the services offered by the INTisanoreica centres and approved retailers.