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"Master herbalists since 1911”

Since 1911

As the heir to a centuries-old family herbalist tradition dating back to the late sixteenth century, the herbalist company Gianluca Mech SpA, based in Asigliano Veneto in the province of Vicenza, has produced and marketed products made using the "Decottopia®", or "ten plants" method since 1911. This is an ancient technique for processing medicinal herbs that has been handed down over the centuries from father to son up to Gianluca Mech, the current custodian of the industrial secrets that are the core of the company's business activities. These unique and exclusive products are completely free of alcohol, sugar, preservatives and gluten.

Based on the experience and expertise gained from the Decottopia® method, specialised dietary foods have been developed which form the basis of the innovative "Tisanoreica Diet Program" developed and tested in collaboration with the Mech Lab of the University of Padua.

"Tisanoreica®" products are protected by an international patent and carry a registered trademark on each package. Gianluca Mech is expanding the Tisanoreica® brand by exporting the protocol and its principles all over the world, gaining a growing following and making the company even more successful.

The Tisanoreica® Diet is a genuine "diet program", a completely new approach to weight loss, a path to personal beauty and well-being that combines "great taste" and "getting into shape" together for the first time.

Research And Training

A reputation for quality since 1911

Added Value

The Centro Studi Tisanoreica in Asigliano Veneto (VI) is involved in investigating and developing the technical and scientific aspects of the Tisanoreica® Diet protocol.


The Centro Studi Tisanoreica organises science-based training courses for osteopaths, dietitians and nutritionists and has a distribution network of INTisteroreica centres, beauty salons, herbalists, pharmacies, health food stores and fitness centres.


The cutting edge research laboratory "Mech-Lab" analyses, investigates and promotes awareness of the physiological process known as ketosis and carries out research into its correlation with health, metabolism and physical exercise.

Consultations and medical examinations

It provides assistance, advice and examinations for the Tisanoreica® Diet protocol at INTisteroreica centres, beauty salons, herbalists, pharmacies, health food stores and fitness centres.